Jeep Warrior Race

The Jeep Warrior Race is South Africa’s largest obstacle course race that spans 8 events and up to 9000 participants per event. Event #7 will be staged here at Meerendal Wine Estate on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2016.

The Jeep Warrior Race burst onto the scene in 2013 and immediately spearheaded the meteoric rise of obstacle racing in South Africa. It quickly grew to up to 9000 participants per event and remains at the forefront of the growth spurt in the fledgeling sport of obstacle racing with its larger than life obstacles and innovative courses to challenge South Africans.

According to the Jeep Warrior Race one of the reasons why obstacle racing is so popular, is because anyone can participate. All you need is a pair of old running shoes and a great sense for adventure. What makes obstacle racing unique is that it is one of only a few opportunities for athletes from different sporting codes, like cycling, trail running, road running, crossfit, karate, judo, rugby, soccer, hockey, etc. get to compete against each other on a level playing field.

What makes this recipe of mud and obstacles so successful is the constant boundary pushing innovation by the organisation team behind the event. Each event has new challenges and with that the obstacles only grow bigger and better.

General Day Programme:
07h00 Gates and Registration opens
07h30 Event opening and build-up
07h50 Batch 1 race briefing – briefing to be done for each batch
08h00 Saturday Batch 1 / Sunday Black-ops Elite
08h10 Saturday and Sunday Black-ops Batch 2 start. Batches at +10min intervals
08h40 Saturday Commando Elite
08h50 Saturday Rookie Elite
09h00 First Bratz race start.
09h00 Saturday and Sunday Rookie/Commando Batch 1 start. Batches at +10min intervals
09h50 First Rookie finishers expected
10h00 First Black-ops finishers expected
10h30 First Commando Finishers expected
12h00 Prize giving
17h30 Race cut-off. All participants still on coarse will be escourted back to the venue.
18h00 Close of race day

More information:

Saturday: SIGN UP HERE


*This is a link to the Jeep Warrior Race registration website.

  • Warrior Brats
  • Rookie
  • Commando
  • Black-ops
  • ± 500m
  • ± 5km
  • ± 10km
  • ± 15km
  • ± 8 obstacles
  • ± 15 obstacles
  • ± 22 obstacles
  • ± 30 obstacles