#MeerendalMoment Competition

Enter our #MeerendalMoment competition and you’ll have a chance at winning two bottles of our Meerendal wine!

Share a photo of your Meerendal Wine Estate experience with us and you’ll have a chance of winning two bottles of Meerendal wine!

You can enter by tagging us in the following ways:

  • On the Meerendal Wine Estate, Team Meerendal or MeerendalMultisport Facebook wall with #MeerendalMoment
  • On Twitter @meerendalwine or @teammeerendal and #MeerendalMoment
  • On Instagram @meerendal and #MeerendalMoment

We’ll be selecting the two best pictures out of all the entries.

BONUS PRIZE: The picture with the most likes, shares, retweets or favourites will also win a bottle of Meerendal wine.



Terms & Conditions:

  1. In order to be selected as the winner, you must be at least 18 years of age on the day on which the competition closes.
  2. Pictures must be submitted/posted to one of the official Meerendal Wine Estate social media pages.
    1. Facebook: Meerendal Wine Estate, Team Meerendal, Team Meerendal Multisport (Group)
    2. Twitter: @meerendalwine, @teammeerendal
    3. Instagram: @meerendal
  3. By entering the competition you acknowledge and agree that your picture(s) can be used for promotional purposes by Meerendal Wine Estate.
  4. The final decision on the winners of the competition will be made solely by Meerendal Wine Estate.
  5. Any pictures submitted after the deadline of the competition will not considered for the prize, but may still be used for promotional purposes.
  6. Pictures which have been selected as winners in previous competitions, will not be considered.
  7. Pictures with a watermark and/or copyright mark, will not be considered.
  8. The picture must be tagged with “#MeerendalMoment”
  9. If selected as the winner, you must submit/send the original copy (in the highest available resolution) to Meerendal Wine Estate.
  10. By entering the competition, you acknowledge and agree that your name may be mentioned in relation to the #MeerendalMoment competition.
  11. Two winners will be selected out all the entries. There will NOT be individual winners selected for each platform. In addition to this one picture will win the “Bonus Prize” competition.
  12. For the bonus prize, the following method will be used to calculate the winner:
    1. Facebook: 2 points for each “share” and 1 point for each “like”
    2. Twitter: 2 points for each “retweet” and 1 point for each “favourite”
    3. Instagram: 2 points for each “like”
    4. “Comments” on each of the platforms are not counted.
    5. If two or more pictures receive the same amount of points, a random draw will be held, do determine the winner.
  13. To be considered for any of the above competitions, the picture must be taken at Meerendal Wine Estate or depict Meerendal related products, branding, etc.
  14. Prizes must be collected from Meerendal Wine Estate, Vissershok Road, Durbanville, South Africa.
  15. The competition closes on Friday, August 14th 2015 at 12:00 noon (UTC+02:00)
  16. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be published here.