The latest wine to join the line-up of world-class Meerendal wines is INTENSIO.

This extraordinary wine was created through the collaboration between Meerendal’s Cellar Master Liza Goodwin and Italian Maestro Dr. Stefano Contini.

True to the Meerendal tradition, winemaking has been in a woman’s hands for the past 18 years. Following in the footsteps of Christina Stans, the current cellar master Liza Goodwin is always striving to produce unique wines of outstanding quality. This time she wanted to create something new and extraordinary for South Africa. To do so she wanted to find out more about European winemaking and decided on an Italian technique used in the region of Veneto. She exchanged ideas and experiences with Italian maestro and winemaker Dr. Stefano Contini and they decided to make a wine exceptional and special in every aspect.

“The aim when INTENSIO was produced was to realise in the finished wine the intensity of colour, flavour and tannins present in the dried grapes so typical of the red wines from the Veneto region, in Italy. Yet in every way so different because of its South African heritage – this wine with all its intricate layers personifies the vast richness, culture and beauty that is South Africa.” (Liza Goodwin, Meerendal Cellar Master)

This off dry wine shows a vibrancy and freshness although it is very powerful and full bodied. The intense tannins and extract seamlessly integrate with the delicate fruit. The oak is not too overt, although it spent 15 months in barrel. This wine is best enjoyed with a hearty stew or a well-aged hard cheese.