In 2021 Meerendal registered with ECOCERT to become an accredited Organic Producer of Grapes and Wines. This was followed by various consultations with specialists in the Organic field, extensive cover crop plantings, and vineyard practises to improve the quality and balance of our soils.

Currently in conversion with Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot Vines, and soon to be followed by the remaining Meerendal Vines, we are looking forward to harvest our first Certified Organic Grapes in 2023.

Sustainable Agricultural practises forms part of our philosophy at Meerendal and we believe in minimum intervention to Produce Natural Wines with optimum fruit flavours.

More exciting news: Meerendal Produced and Bottled its first Sauvignon Blanc Wine with no added Sulphur in April 2022.