This time of the year is undoubtedly the busiest for us on the Estate.  Harvest time always brings huge excitement and anticipation for all involved.  Exhaustion follows later!

Underneath we explain the methods used during the harvest of 2022

  • Dropping and controlling the yield before harvesting was essential for our viticulturist, Damien, to ensure vines produce grapes with optimal balance in an optimal micro-climate.
  • Harvesting started before sunrise at 5H30 every morning to ensure cold grapes arrive in the cellar before the temperatures get too high
  • Phenological ripeness at low levels of sugars, increasing a beautiful fruit aroma of the wines.
  • Low pH grape juice enters the cellar, ensuring healthy wines as they go through fermentation and aging
  • Harvest and transport grapes in crates to cellar, allows less juice loss through gravitational force and less exposure to oxygen