Meerendal Celebrates 50 years of Pinotage!

Meerendal is one of only a handful of brands in South Africa with the proud tradition of 50 years since bottling our first vintage Pinotage in 1969. We celebrated this important historical occasion by hosting a very special tasting on the Estate.

This vertical tasting started with the very first Meerendal Pinotage that was bottled in 1969, following on from this were the 1974, 1978, 1982, 1996 vintages and ended with The Flagship Heritage Block Pinotage made for the first time in 2005, when the vineyard was 50 years old.

A number of the attendees have written about their experience at this special celebration. links are provided below:

The Menue

Tim James at Meerendal



The launch of The Meerendal Wine Club

Buy 12 bottles* of Meerendal Wine to become a member and receive your Meerendal Loyalty Card.

You will benefit from the following:

  • 10% Discount on all future wine purchases, hotel accommodation and meals at Carlucci’s and Crown Restaurants
  • Invitations to complimentary wine tastings
  • Invitations to special events and launches
  • Option to purchase wines not available to the general public
  • Receive the Meerendal Wine Club Newsletter

*Buy 6 Bottles if you are a member of the Meerendal Running or MTB Club 

Meerendal-Our Sustainable Future

As we enter into 317 years of the Estates Winemaking history it has never been more important for us to focus on our future, giving considerable attention on what we need to do to protect the land in our stewardship which in tern will hopefully allow us to continue producing exceptional wines for at least another 300 years! So what are we doing to ensure our sustainable future?

·         Planting of cover crop- this helps to prevent soil erosion as well as putting back organic material into the soil which helps aeration and adds nutrients to the soil benefitting the growth of the vine during summer. It also improves water holding as well as having the added benefit of smothering weed growth which would otherwise compete with vines for water and nutrients.

·         Planting of Agroforestry corridors around the Vineyards. We will be planting Vygies and Fynbos both indigenous to South Africa. These help to prevent erosion as well as attracting bees and insects who will in turn eat the mealy bugs which are harmful to the vines. overall creating a favourable ecosystem.

·         Continuing to Handpick our grapes-as well as allowing us to produce high quality wines this is much kinder to our environment and provides local employment. By handpicking we reduce energy usage, emissions and the damaging effects of compacting the soil.

·         Minimal Ploughing- we are extremely mindful of the damaging effects ploughing has and keep this to a minimal going through the vineyards only with mulching in of the cover crop residue. This prevents compacting of the sub-soil allowing the soil to build up an active ecosystem with bacteria, earthworm and other organisms, all helping to create nutrients and nitrogen for the vine to use. 

·         Drylands Estate- as water is becoming a more scarce resource it is ever more important for us to continue conserving water, the fact that we are a drylands estate saves enormously on our water usage. We also adapt our pruning style using the suckering technique which helps our vines to adapt and flourish with less water.

Merry Christmas!

Fill your Holidays with Joy and Cheer!

Whether you are lounging by the pool looking for a wine that’s crisp and refreshing or watching the snow fall sitting by a big fire looking for a wine that’s rich and smooth. Meerendal wines cover all your needs over this festive period.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy 2019!!


Saturday, 27 October 2018, 11h00 – 20h00

The Bubbly Festival brought to you by Events & More, will be hosted on Meerendal Wine Estate.
Come and celebrate Champagne, Bubbly, Glitz, Glam, Fashion and the best entertainment in town!


Standard price R360,00
VIP price R595,00
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Pinotage Day, 13th October 2018 at Meerendal Wine Estate!

Tasting room: Pinotage and Biltong pairing of three Meerendal Pinotages, including the Heritage Block Pinotage and an older vintage. From 11:00 till 13:00 Price R80 pp. Special discount on Pinotage wines for the day.
(Just arrive, no bookings required)

Crown Restaurant: Order any two main courses from the menu and get a 500ml bottle of Meerendal Pinotage free.

Carlucci’s Deli: A Tour de France pizza and a glass of Meerendal Rosé or a Pulled Pork Pizza and a glass of Meerendal Pinotage. Price R140 for each.
Bookings online:

Certified Heritage Vineyard Seal

The Certified Heritage Vineyard Seal has arrived.

All of our Heritage Block Pinotage will now come with this certified seal – a guarantee to the consumer of authentic wines grown according to the OVP viticulture and winemaking guidelines.

2018 Nederburg Auction

Now in its 44th year, the Nederburg Auction has continually evolved to ensure it remains South Africa’s premier wine auction for fine, rare South African wines.

Meerendal is proud to announce that it will be part of the auction offering this year. Under the auspices of the Old Vines Project, the Meerendal Heritage Block Pinotage 2010 will be sold at the Auction. It is the only wine from the Old Vines of South Africa that has been chosen for this year’s Auction. The vines for this wine come from a Pinotage vineyard that was planted in 1955.

This Nederburg Auction will be held on 7 & 8 September 2018 at Nederburg in Paarl.

For more information about the Nederburg Auction click here